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The provocation against Vladimir Bukovsky is a dark page in British Jurisprudence

THE PROVOCATION AGAINST VLADIMIR BUKOVSKY performed by Crown Prosecution Service of Great Britain is one of the darkest pages in the history of world Jurisdiction.

We, the people of goodwill, residing in various countries worldwide,  express our deepest  concern and indignation over the unprecedented persecution of Vladimir Bukovsky, outstanding writer, human rights activist, unquestionable leader of the Soviet dissident movement, veteran of the fight against communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union and all over the world, whom all the peoples of the former Soviet Union and the whole world are thankful to for his indispensable, foundational contribution to liberation from communist rule. On the basis of a thorough examination of the available facts, and the analysis of the entire life history of Vladimir Bukovsky, we state without hesitation that he is the victim of a profound provocation performed by Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) of Great Britain. We are aware of the KGB-FSB’s use of malicious hacking and various other advanced techniques used by this criminal organization to ruin the reputation of the opponents of Putin’s extremely violent, fascist regime.  The current provocation was initiated in 2015 in the form of downloading indecent images of children into the computer of Vladimir Bukovsky. This provocation has been supported and extended by the Crown Prosecution Service by their explicit violation of the presumption of innocence law. The CPS has purposely spread the information about these allegations without first proving in a court of law that Bukovsky is at fault. Subsequently, Bukovsky is going to sue the CPS for libel. The hearing was postponed several times and eventually scheduled  for July 25, 2016.

The High Court authorities have never given Bukovsky a chance to have a fair hearing in his suit against the CPS for this libel.  That is why Vladimir Bukovsky has been on a hunger strike for 27 days.  What has been performed is essentially a murder by a collective entity consisting of the UK High Court, Crown Prosecution Service and former KGB in the form of the current FSB. We hold the UK High Court and the Crown Protective Service complicit in this willful destruction of Vladimir Bukovsky’s legacy and life. We strongly protest and demand clarification of this case, and we further demand that Vladimir Bukovsky is cleared from these obscene accusations.  He could have died before May 16, 2016, the day when he had to appear at the High Court as a defendant.  A decisive action must be performed now and not later, the High Court must give him a chance to defend his honor, by having a hearing.  We assert that the CPS, the UK High Court, has acted in bad faith and with apparent malice by cancelling the hearing several times. On May 16, 2016 the hearing got rescheduled for December 2016 because the Court needs more time to see the proof on Bukovsky’s innocence. Still, we cannot be sure that the LIBEL case hearing will NOT be rescheduled for a later day again.   The situation is still dangerous and required attention of all world leaders. In order to help Mr. Bukovsky  hire a team of well experienced attorneys, we have accounted the FUNDRAISER, and you are welcome to make a donation on this website The fundraiser has been held by a nonprofit

 501(c) (3) American corporation “Life Lived for Others”. Our documents are attached. The contributions made by citizens and permanent residents of US will be available for deduction.

Today, May 24, 2016 at 19.00, Pacific time, we are having $755

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