Even being dispersed across the world we are still a force to reckon with

Dear Friends!
Congratulation with our victory. Yesterday Crown Court in Cambridge has ajourned the hearings to December 12, thus accepting my demand to allow our libel case hearing to go first (it is scheduled to July 25). Having my demand satisfied, I have terminated my hunger strike on its 26th day, and together with a group of supporters celebrated with a glass of Champaign in my garden. I am happy to report that my health is fine.

This is the time to express my deepest gratitude to all friends and well-wishers, all supporters and sympathizers many of whom I never even met before. Our special thanks should go to cat Umlaut whom you can see on first pages of the Cambridge newspapers demonstrating at the Crown Court with the Ukrainean flag. ( http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Russian-dissident-Vladimir-Bukovsky-standing/story-29278157-detail/story.html#3 ). Of course, it is only a first stage, no time to relax. Ahead is still the libel case and, ultimately, the December 12 hearings. But we proved a very important point: even being dispursed across the world we are still a force to reckon with. Lets remember this and act accordingly. Apart from individual cases where we can help our colleagues, our obligation is to help changing attitude of the West to the situation in Russia, to defeat typical Western complacency and their belief in a “good compromise” with Kremlin’s gangsters.
For yours and our freedom!

Vladimir Bukovsky
May 17, 2016