Vladimir Bukovsky’s ordeal is not over

Dear Friends,

Vladimir Bukovsky’s ordeal is not over. As a result of his hunger strike and our efforts in his support the trial against him is postponed until December, and should take place after the hearing in his libel suit against the prosecutor’s office, which is scheduled for July 25th. The positive outcome of his lawsuit could be important not only for clearing Bukovsky’s name, but also for strengthening his position at the December trial against him.

We have just learned that the prosecution hired a strong team of lawyers to defend themselves against libel accusations. Bukovsky doesn’t have any lawyers on his side because he has no money to hire them. He asks for our help. Unfortunately, since the days of “Bleak House” attorney fees have not decreased in England, and we have to collect at least $ 30,000 in a very short time. The only way to raise such a sum of money is to chip in, expand this fundraising, andperhaps find some rich donor(s).

Donations should be sent to The Gratitude Fund, – a non-profit organization that helps Soviet dissidents over the years. Yuri Fedorov is the president, and Vladimir Bukovsky, Eduard Kuznetzov and I are directors of this organization.

The donor can go to the site http://www.thegratitudefund.org/gf-donat.html , press donate button and transfer money from the credit card or PayPal account. It is important to indicate that money should go to “Bukovsky legal defense fund”. You should add this request into the window, which will appear after you enter all required information, press Review Donation and Continue button, and then press link Add special instructions to the seller on the top of the page.

Alternatively you can make check payable to “The Gratitude Fund”and mail it to The Gratitude Fund, 535 W 110th Street, #6E , New York, NY 10025. Again, it is important to write on the check“Bukovsky legal defense fund”.

Thank you for your support

With best wishes

Yuri Yarim-Agaev